11 July 2011

PN South Jobs - 6th July 2011

A few photos from XW4 and PS6 last week.

RCOF 20867, covered in Warranty Tape, with original YM bogies fitted.  Many RCOF wagons now have three-piece X type bogies fitted.

 An unidentified RKCX showing the tarping arrangement.  Note the panel in the corner that used to carry Lysaghts signage.

 RKCX 4003 still with Lysaghts signage at each end.

RKLY 20554.  This was an early RCAF refurbishment by NRC, and as such was fitted with Barber bogies.  As far as I am aware, it would be the only RCAF or RLKY with Barbers fitted.

 RKWY 2514 with a yellow side sill. 

 Original Sadleirs Van RLSY 18749.

 Repainted in the last few weeks, RLUY 18675.  Shame they didn't go to the effort to re-badge them as RLSYs also.

 Tanktainer carrying TEG.

A Tri Fleet tranktainer


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